Workpiece pallet system (WT)

  • Numerous components for WT control, such as a diverter, stopper, positioning unit, etc.
  • Selection of wear pads with different materials
  • Compatible with the ID 15 identification system
  • Secure transport of parts thanks to the modular design with comprehensive additional components
  • Level WT surface with no indentations
  • The entire top of the WT can be built upon since everything else on the section is ready-mounted below the top of the WT.
  • Can be attached both left and right on the section profile
  • Simple and low-cost construction
  • Also suitable for retrofitting without disrupting the lateral guide
  • The switch bracket can be installed in any position
  • Can be attached to both sides of the VE 2/VF stop gate
  • For querying the workpiece pallet position before and/or after the stop gate
  • The positioning unit PE-VF/C is intended for use in clean ambient conditions
  • The WT is lifted approx. 1 mm above the transport level, thus eliminating the load on the conveyor chain during processing
  • For rough ambient conditions, the positioning unit PE-VF/H is available
  • The switch bracket can be installed in any position
  • Recognizing the position of a workpiece pallet
  • Stop gate / positioning unit position sensing
  • Kit for a simple track change between two straight, parallel conveyor sections
  • The rocker does not protrude beyond the top edge of the workpiece pallet
  • A sideways query on the workpiece pallet plate ensures that the lateral guide profiles are not interrupted
  • Assembly kits and mobile data tags for identification systems ID 15 and ID 200 for use in VarioFlow plus systems can be found in the RFID systems catalog (3 842 541 003).

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