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Grab Containers

  • Shorter grab distances make for faster assembly

Lettering Clip

  • Standardized labeling of grab containers
  • Replaceable labels (74 mm x 37 mm)

Grab Ledge, Plastic

  • Separation of mixed parts on ergonomically designed grab surface
  • Ridged surface for easy and secure grabbing

Grab Trays

  • Space-saving supply of small parts, e.g. underneath the material feed
  • Integrated lip for easier removal of small parts

Grab ledge, Aluminum

  • Ergonomic, handy supply of small parts such as screws, nuts, and washers
  • For fitting to material shelves or conveyor tracks to separate a mixed parts supply on an ergonomically designed picking surface

Subject to change, status 2018-01-16 12:07:31