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Strut profiles

Strut profiles slot 6, modular dimensions 20

  • Strut profiles with 6 mm slot for light structures, such as supports and lab fixtures
  • The 20x40 and 20x60 profiles are particularly suitable for reinforcing
  • The 20x40x40 profile is suitable for constructing show cases, flow racks and enclosures

    Q&E – customized profile finishes

    • 1. Select profile cross-section and length
    • 2. Specify slot for finishing
    • 3. Define the parameters
    • 4. Place order

      Rectangular tube

      • For constructing manually height-adjustable frames
      • Cutouts for holding surface elements
      • Profile finishing: hole for screw

      Clamping profile

      • For simple fastening of panes, surface elements or grilles on strut profiles
      • For subsequent installation in closed frame constructions
      • For surface elements of varying thicknesses

      Frame profile 22.5x30

      • For inexpensive construction of trays and material shelves
      • Surface elements are mounted under tension so that they do not rattle

      Frame profile 22.5x45

      • For inexpensive construction of trays and material shelves
      • Surface elements are mounted under tension so that they do not rattle

      Angle profile

      • For supporting containers, plates, or workpiece pallets in flow racks, material shuttles, or hopper stackers

      Al angle profile 19"

      • Rail for mounting 19" devices in electronic and electrical production
      • Suitable for fastening surface elements
      • Angle profile completely processed
        – with square cutouts for fastening the 19" device with a cage nut (hole according to DIN 60297-3-100)
        – with threads for fastening the Al angle profile with headless setscrews in the groove
      • Angle profile, swivel-in in groove

      Suspension profile

      • For the fast, secure suspension of grab containers, grab ledges, grab trays, and tool holders
      • Profile finishing:
        Through-hole for screwdriver
      • Matching grab containers in the Manual Production Systems catalog (3 842 538 280)

      Grooved plate 30x100

      • Modular plate profiles with multiple slots for experimental constructions of any dimensions
      • Slot spacing 25 mm
      • Slot size 8.9 mm
      • 8 mm slot connectors can be used

      Profile rail, trolley

      • Profile rail and trolley for movable mounting of parts, e.g. for use as a screwdriver hanger at work tables or for EcoSafe sliding doors
      • End piece
      • Trolley

      Profiles for installing conveyor media

      • Profiles which are normally used to construct TS 2plus and TS 4 transfer systems and lean conveyor tracks are also suitable for the construction of manual conveyor sections. Detailed information can be found in chapter 12 “Elements for manual movement” and in the respective special catalogs

      Round tube D28, strut profile D28x55 bracket, T-connector

      • For constructing cross-ties in flow racks or workstations
      • Suitable for heavy loads
      • Use of fastening brackets makes for easy assembly
      • Elongated hole in the mounting bracket for length adjustment
      • Central holes can be used for self-tapping screws S8x25

      Bearing ring

      • For cover caps with hole in the sizes 40x40, 45x45, 50x50 and 60x60
      • For M12 threads
      • To protect the caps when tightening accessories

      Cover profiles

      • For fixing cables in position
      • To prevent dirt from entering the profile slot
      • Attractive design
      • Soft PVC cover profile for 6 mm slot is provided as a roller
      • Flush with profile

      Radial compensation

      • To avoid gaps and sharp edges on T-connections between two profiles using a central bolt or quick connector (note spacing of hole from the face of the profile)
      • The slot segments can be broken out in order to fix surface elements in the slot
      • Important note: the load carrying capacity of the profile connection is reduced when using radial compensation!

      Lettering clips

      • For the labeling of profiles and tubular cross ties
      • Lettering clip for strut profiles with 8 mm and 10 mm slot

      Rubber profile

      • To avoid hard abutting edges, for instance when setting down impact-sensitive products
      • For use as footrest to clip onto the cross strut of the workstation from the top and front
      • Very simple and inexpensive
      • Suitable for the construction of ESD workstations

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