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  • Ergonomic workstations for greater productivity


  • Large number of adjustment options for high versatility
  • Freely selectable geometry and functionality

Table frame and strut extension

  • Table frame of standard dimensions for box or desk type workstation construction
  • Strut extension of standard size for attaching accessories to workstations

Table top

  • Table top for use in constructing Economic and Basic type Rexroth workstations for various mechanical loads
  • Can be configured with variable dimensions or with fixed standard dimensions

Table top supports

  • H = table top support, with fastening material, 10 mm slot

Conveyor level assembly elements

  • A = strut profile 45x45L; material: Aluminum, anodized
  • B = cap 45x45L; material: PP
  • C = round tube D28; material: Aluminum, anodized
  • D = T-connector D28
  • E = bracket set M8, with fastening locations, 10 mm slot; material: Steel, galvanized

Rubber profile

  • To avoid hard abutting edges, for instance when setting down impact-sensitive products
  • As a footrest: Clip in from top and front on the cross strut of the workstation

ESD accessories

  • Set of grounding components
  • Grounding cable
  • Damping ring
  • Potentialfix
  • Conductive mat insert

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