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EcoFlow Individual Parts

Rollers and roller accessories

  • Roller carrier with defined distances for a maximum of 5 rollers
  • Full-width rollers available in plastic, steel or stainless steel


  • Section profile with 10 mm groove on underside for mounting on strut profiles
  • Guide profile for clipping to section profile with border on outside or inside. This allows for different conveyor track widths while using the same rollers. Available as ESD-conductive version

Rail holder and stop plates

  • Rail holder for suspension on the tubular cross tie: preferably used in flow rack systems or at workstations for supplying materials in the accessory upright
  • Stop plates suitable for conveyor tracks that are used to manually link workstations, for example

Roller mount

  • For fast and simple construction of conveyor tracks using strut profiles with 8 or 10 mm slot. Can also be used in the 10 mm slot of the EcoFlow section profile
  • Suitable for retrofitting rollers without having to disassemble the frame. The roller distance is variable.


  • Cap
  • Ball roller
  • Transverse conveyor
  • Corner piece
  • Stop

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