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Additional information

    External 24 V power supply unit


    • External 24 V power supply unit for VEP, VPP, VPB and VDP devices
    • Input voltage 100-120 or 200-240 V AC
    • Output voltage 24 V DC
    • Output power up to 288 W
    • Output current up to 12 A

    Uninterruptible power supply


    • Uninterruptible power supply for VPP and VPB devices
    • Output voltage 24 V DC
    • Output power 240 W
    • Bridging time 3 minutes
    • USB interface

    Connection module

    VAC05, VAC30, VAC31

    • Connection modules for mobile operator panels VCH08 and VH2110
    • Suitable for: Stop key, stop key with bridging, emergency stop key with screwed-on short-circuit plug



    • Increases the maximum distance between the industrial PC and display/terminal to 100 m
    • Connection of two displays/terminals to one industrial PC possible (with cascading design up to four displays/terminals per industrial PC)
    • Assignment of operating rights via the 24 V input on the Y-repeater
    • Same display on all displays/terminals 

    Wall holder


    • Wall holder VAS01.1-002 suitable for VCH08
    • Wall holder VAS01.1-003 suitable for VH2110

    CompactFlash module


    • Additional CompactFlash card for VEP devices
    • CompactFlash cards for Win 7 or XP embedded firmware

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