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Hydro-pneumatic accumulators

Diaphragm type and bladder-type accumulators are used for energy storage, shock and vibration absorption, and leakage oil compensation or volume compensation in hydraulic systems. We also offer engineered-to-order and customer specific piston accumulators.

Diaphragm type accumulators


  • Component series 1X and 2X
  • Nominal capacity 0.02 … 0.92 gal
  • Maximum operating pressure 5100 psi

Bladder-type accumulators


  • Component series 6X
  • Nominal capacity 0.264 … 13.2 gal
  • Maximum operating pressure 5100 psi

Hydraulic piston accumulators

  • Standard piston Ø14.2 and 19.7 in (other diameters on request)
  • Variable length up to 217 in
  • Operating temperature: -68°F ... +154°F
  • Maximum piston speed: 137.8 in/s
  • Maximum operating pressure: Customer specific (on request)

Values in the US customary unit system are converted and rounded values. In case of doubt, only metric values are valid.
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