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Variable-speed pump drives - Sytronix

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower noise emission
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Reduction of space required
  • Increase in operational safety

Individual system configurations

Apart from the pre-configured systems of the series FcP, DRn, DFEn and SvP, the Sytronix product range also offers individual solutions.

These systems can be planned and configured by combining modules and individual components, using questionnaires on application criteria and system parameters, in collaboration with Rexroth specialists.




Lower noise emission
Reduction of noise emissions in hydraulic power units by up to 20 dB (A) possible
Reduction of operating costs
Power supply according to requirements enables the reduction of investment costs for cooling system, electric motor, hydraulic pump, fluid tank and noise insulation
Less space required
Sytronix drives reduce the space required for hydraulic systems in the installation
Increase in operational safety
Standstill times are reduced by status monitoring and diagnosis as well as tried and tested components
Simple integration
in predictive maintenance concepts



Optimized pressure controller
The proven PID controller for hydraulic applications enables dynamic control which leads to a shorter commissioning and process optimization phase.
Switchable pressure and flow command values
This functionality simplifies and shortens project planning. Possible saving, switching or setting of multiple command values via field bus communication.
Accumulator charging operation and hydraulic soft start
With charged accumulator, the energy efficiency can be increased further by switching off the electric motor.
Soft start-up function starts the motor slowly to extend the life cycle.
Adjustable pump displacement
Optimization of the overall efficiency with the gear function of the variable displacement pump – Sytronix works always with the optimum efficiency.
The displacement adjustment of the hydraulic pump in the pressure-holding operation reduces the power consumption of the system, which reduces operating costs.
This allows for a smaller design of the electric motor and thus savings in the investment costs.


p/Q control systems

  • Pressure control
  • Flow control
  • Power limitation


    Tools and configurators

    • Time-saving and risk minimization due to user-guided system design
    • Provisioning of data for amortization calculation
    • Rapid commissioning due to automatic motor measurement and commissioning dialogs

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