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Application cylinder

Hydraulic Actuator


  • Hydraulic Actuator for steam and gas turbines
  • Actuator for process valve with internal or external triggering of fast switching
  • Actuator for process valve for positioning (control) and with superimposed internal or external triggering of fast switching

Die cushion cylinder with control block


  • Applications in mechanical/servo presses in the automobile industry and/or at suppliers
  • Customized high-pressure/low-pressure supply.
  • Intelligent high-response valve and pump technology
  • Increased machine availability/durability

IGV- and VGV-Cylinders

  • Guide vane adjustment at gas turbines

High Performance Cylinders

  • Cylinder series for applications in testing and simulation technology and in metallurgy
  • Modular design kit

Standard Load Limiter

  • Reliable limitation of the accident load in lifting units of the stage machinery
  • Independent of the lifting unit's direction of movement
  • Protection of the support frame during synchronized and single action
  • Compact, installable unit
  • Patented system

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