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BSCL Ball Rail Systems

  • Ball Rail Systems for guiding movements in installation and handling, for use in woodworking machines and for machine tools up to the intermediate power range.
  • Simple rail end machining so that the guide rails can be shortened to the desired length independently.
  • Mounting dimensions, ISO compliant

Additional information

The Ball Rail System Compact Line BSCL

The new Ball Rail System BSCL (Ball Rail Systems Compact Line) complements the existing range of linear guides and provides application-specific performance for the middle performance and price segment. Its performance data fulfills the requirements of standard tasks and complements the high-precision BSHP series. BSCL Ball Guide Rails are available in five sizes, six runner block types, three preload classes, and three accuracy classes (N, H, P). In the case of this series too, rails and Runner Blocks of the respective sizes can be combined as required, with super-fast delivery from stock to anywhere in the world. A peculiarity of the BSCL linear guides: Guide Rails can be shortened to the desired length by using simple tools without the need for costly end machining. With a new structural design and significantly reduced use of materials, Rexroth has achieved an outstanding, application-oriented price-performance ratio. Connection elements are available for special ambient conditions.

With the expanded product portfolio, Bosch Rexroth can cater for all requirements economically.

Ball Runner Blocks BSCL

  • Six Runner Block designs made of steel in accordance with ISO 12090-1
  • Five sizes from 20 to 45
  • Three accuracy classes
  • Three preload classes

Ball Guide Rails BSCL

  • Guide Rails for mounting from above with plastic caps:
    BSCL Ball Guide Rails can be supplied as factory lengths or as Ball Guide Rails in one part or as a composite part

BSCL Ball Rail Systems accessories

  • Mounting hole plugs for guide rails
  • Scraper plate
  • Front seals
  • Front lube units
  • Lube fittings

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