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Service linear motion technology

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Linear Bushings and Shafts

  • Various versions:closed or open-type, standard or corrosion-resistant, with or without retaining rings, wiper seals and longitudinal seals, flanged or flangeless, Linear Sets
  • Temperature stability up to 200 °C
  • Long service life, high running speed and extra rigidity
  • Outstanding running properties: low friction, quiet running
  • Compensation for misalignment or shaft deflections

Integrated measuring systems

  • Integrating the measuring technology into the linear guide results in a mechatronic system that combines the ability to guide mechanical loads and to measure length in one product. No external measuring systems are needed.

Smart Function Kits

  • Mechatronic subsystems: Matched mechanical and electrical Rexroth components with pre-installed software for different applications
  • Simple product selection: predefined kits, quickly designed with LinSelect
  • Plug&Produce: Fast, guided commissioning of the system via operating software with wizard, automatic parameterisation of the entire system, referencing of the axes
  • Zero Programming: Simple, graphical process configuration with intuitive software, browser-based Web HMI - usable on various end devices
  • Open interfaces: Simple integration into higher-level systems, data access via ReST programming interface, IoT connection via OPC-UA

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