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  • Especially smooth running due to the optimal pick-up of balls from the raceway
  • Smooth functioning due to the principle of internal recirculation
  • High load rating due to large number of balls
  • Short nut length
  • Adjustable-pre-tensioned single nut

Standard series

  • High axial load-bearing capacity
  • High dynamics
  • Low friction
  • Available from stock in many versions and sizes
  • Nut housing with reference edge (both sides)

High-performance series

  • Economic efficiency provided by complete unit
  • Adjustment to various speeds and loads is possible using the screw lead and the speed reducing belt
  • Small installation space thanks to its compact construction
  • Integral functionality and little installation work for the customer
  • Low system costs

Subject to change, status 2022-02-02 14:05:31