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Linear axes

  • Compact, linear, precision, omega, and feed modules
  • Ball Rail Tables
  • Linear Motion Slides
  • Drive Units
  • Connection technologies

Linear motion systems are precise, ready-to-install guide and drive systems with high performance features in compact dimensions. Owing to the diverse number of variants, they are used in many industry sectors.

Compact Modules

  • Five fine-tuned sizes based on a compact precision aluminum profile with two integrated pre-tensioned ball rail systems
  • Identical external dimensions between Compact Module types CKK and CKR
  • Ready-to-install compact modules in any length up to Lmax.
  • Four different lube versions
  • Aluminum carriages available in different lengths depending on load

Linear Modules

  • Linear modules are available in variable lengths up to a maximum of 12 meters
  • With integrated zero-clearance Ball Rail Systems or Cam Roller Guides
  • Powerful belt drives or ball screw drives for reliable movements
  • Extremely compact aluminum frame with high inherent stiffness

Function modules

  • Ready-to-install function modules in any length up to Lmax
  • Extremely compact aluminum profile with integrated Rexroth ball rail systems
  • Identical outer dimensions between FMS and FMB function modules
  • Aluminum carriage with T-slots
  • Single-rail and dual-rail versions available

Precision Modules

  • Extra-reinforced and high-precision Linear System with very small dimensions
  • Machined reference edge on the frame allows for fast mounting and easy alignment
  • Flexible applications thanks to two different accuracy classes: N=normal class and P=precision class
  • Four different lube versions
  • Sealed ball screw drive on both sides (low-friction seal)
    Installation elements protected by selectable sheet cover

Ball Rail Tables

  • High travel speeds
  • Precise movement
  • Easy maintenance
  • Built-in elements are protected by high-quality, welded high-speed bellows resistant to oil and moisture

Omega Modules

  • Extremely compact precision aluminum profile with integrated Rexroth ball rail system for optimal travel
  • Carriage with one-point lubrication
  • With center holes in the carriage and on the end plates
  • Driven by a toothed belt for high dynamics and high traversing speeds
  • Mountable switch

Feed Modules

  • Optimal travel, high load capacity and high rigidity thanks to the integrated, zero-clearance Ball Rail System
  • Compact design
  • High positioning accuracy and repeatability thanks to the ball screw assembly with backlash-free nut system
  • Sealed linear guide
  • Simple motor mounting thanks to the centering recess and fastening thread

Linear Motion Slides

  • With Ball Screw Assembly or without drives, closed or open-type
  • Particularly quiet travel and long service life thanks to integrated Rexroth Super Linear Bushings
  • Oil and moisture-resistant polyurethane protective bellows (connection through mechanical clamping of the last folds)
  • Ready-to-install linear motion slides in any length up to Lmax.
  • In versions that have a drive with precision ball screw assembly (BSA)

Drive Units

  • AOK and AGK drive units are ready-to-install drive axes with ball screw assemblies; nut housings, and pillow block units
  • They are available in three sizes with freely configurable lengths up to 5600 mm
  • In conjunction with the Rexroth rail systems, you are given all the design freedom you need to build a machine
  • High positioning accuracy and repeatability thanks to the ball screw assembly with backlash-free, pre-tensioned nut system
  • Variable lengths and versions thanks to configuration with numerous options


  • Rexroth offers an extensive range of accessories for linear motion systems.
  • For example, fastening units, connection plates, clamping units and covers, etc., can be selected.
  • Further information is provided in this section.

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