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Profiled Rail Systems

  • Ball Rail Systems
  • Roller Rail Systems
  • Integrated Measuring System for Ball and Roller Rail Systems
  • Cam Roller Guides

Ball Rail Systems

  • The same high load ratings in all four main directions of loading
  • Minimal noise level and optimum travel behavior
  • Maximum installation error compensation with super Ball Runner Blocks
  • Limitless interchangeability as all Ball Guide Rail versions can be combined at will with all Ball Runner Block versions
  • 60 % less weight with aluminum Ball Runner Blocks (compared to steel Ball Runner Blocks)

Ball Rail Systems NRFG

  • Ball Rail Systems NRFG are suitable for use in the packaging industry and food industry areas.

Miniature Ball Rail Systems

  • High load capacity in all load directions, including moments about all axes, due to the use of largest possible ball sizes.
  • All steel parts of the runner block and the guide rail are made of rust and acid resistant material similar to ISO 683-17 / EN 10088.
  • Low friction

Roller Rail Systems

  • Uniform roller guide rails with and without cover strips allow limitless interchangeability across all roller runner block variants.
  • Lube ports on all sides for maximum ease of maintenance
  • Minimum lubrication quantities thanks to innovative channel design
  • Quiet running thanks to optimally designed roller return and guidance
  • Maximum rigidity under load from all directions through two additional mounting screw holes at the center of the roller runner block

Integrated Measuring System for Ball and Roller Rail Systems

  • Integrating the measuring technology into the linear guide results in a mechatronic system that combines the ability to guide mechanical loads and to measure length in one product. No external measuring systems are needed.

Cam Roller Guides

  • High reliable speed
  • Compact design
  • Very low weight
  • Easy mounting
  • Low friction and extremely quiet operation

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