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Compact hydraulics

Cartridge valves

  • Mechanical, solenoid and proportional cartridge valves for UNF cavities
  • Full range of counterbalance valves for SUN cavities
  • Mechanical and solenoid cartridge valves for interchange in competitor cavities
  • Wide range of 2-way, 2-position solenoid valves
  • Compact insert valves and multi-function cartridge valves

Integrated circuits

  • Full range of manifold types
  • Standard solutions with single or dual cavities
  • Compact customized solutions
  • Aluminum and steel manifolds
  • Maximum pressure up to 3050 psi (aluminum) or up to 5100 psi (steel)

Load holding / Motion control valves

  • Wide range of standard and customized solutions
  • Flangeable directly on the actuator or for line mounting
  • Reliability in motion control, optionally with energy saving functions
  • Aluminum and steel manifolds
  • Maximum pressure up to 3050 psi (aluminum) or up to 6100 psi (steel)

Compact directional valves

  • 4/3 and 4/2 modular directional valves, optionally with load-sensing (LS) or flow sharing (LUDV) control
  • 3/2 … 14/2 flow diverters
  • Special directional valves
  • Cetop 2 valves

Sleeve valves for line mounting

  • Large variety of nominal sizes
  • UNF standard threads
  • Versions with high pressure or high flow rate available
  • Optional stainless steel version

Values in the US customary unit system are converted and rounded values. In case of doubt, only metric values are valid.
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