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Tightening technology

Additional information

Tightening spindles

  • Modular design, ideal adjustment to tightening case
  • Maintenance-free for 1 million full-load cycles,long service life

Handheld nutrunner

ErgoSpin & CC-ErgoSpin

  • Fast commissioning
  • Flexible stock-keeping: only 1 cable type for all variants

Cordless nutrunner

  • Fits easily into the existing infrastructure of any prodctionenvironment
  • Integrated controller

Control and power electronics

  • Compact and high-performance
  • Safe and fast commissioning

Interface modules

  • Perfect network connection
  • Connection between the tightening system, and thecompany’s IT


    • Secure and reliable data transfer thanksto digital technology
    • Maxium cable length of up to 100 meters enablesflexible hall design


    • Fast commissioning thanks to intuitive menu design
    • Time-saving and mix-up-proof thanks to automatic detection of electronic components

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