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Plug-in cards

Sercans III, VPB

  • Sercos master interface
  • Safety CPU for SafeLogic applications

Plug-in cards extend the functionality of the IndraControl VPP and VPB industrial PC series. Functions are available, including the Sercos master interface for commanding Sercos participants or safety CPUs for implementing a PC-based safety controller. The plug-in cards are available in different form factors.

SERCANS Sercos master module


  • Sercos master interface
  • Simple implementation in PC-based control systems
  • Support of up to 254 devices
  • Min. cycle time 125 μs

Safety CPU


  • Expansion of the IndraControl VPP and VPB industrial PC to the safety control SafeLogic
  • Two-channel evaluation of the safety application
  • Multi-Safety-Master Sercos (CSos) and PROFIsafe
  • Internal memory card for firmware and safety application

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