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Industrial PC and operator panels

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    Manual operator panels

    IndraControl VCH, VH21

    • Flexible use thanks to the hot-plug principle
    • Safety functions for man and machine
    • Handles with integrated enabling and stop keys
    • Robust construction for use in industrial applications
    • Optimum ergonomics for reliable fatigue-free work

      Compact operator panels

      IndraControl VR21

      • Affordable base for operation and monitoring
      • Compact dimensions
      • Touchscreen operation
      • Easy project planning of the system visualization
      • Comprehensive visualization software

        Embedded PC

        IndraControl VEP

        • Compact device version for cabinet assembly
        • Robust device version in housing for assembly on a supporting arm
        • Hardware with no hard disk, no rotating media
        • Innovative multi-touch functions
        • Operation and visualization with the WinStudio software tool

          Panel PC

          IndraControl VPP

          • Robust construction for use in industrial applications
          • Vibration resistance during operation up to 1 g
          • Shock loading capacity up to 15 g
          • Heat dissipation minimized by an optimized cooling system
          • Guaranteed service capability, at least 5 years

            Box PCs

            IndraControl VPB

            • Industrial PCs for control cabinet installation
            • High-performance automation platform
            • Designed for tough industrial applications


              IndraControl VDP

              • IndraControl VDP displays, flat control unit for installation, either with keys or a touchscreen
              • IndraControl VDP terminals, robust control unit in housing for direct assembly on a supporting arm

                Machine control panels

                IndraControl VAM

                • Optimized operator design
                • Protection type IP54


                  IndraControl VAK

                  • Slide-out keyboard with integrated mouse
                  • Foil keyboard with separate numeric block
                  • Protection type IP65

                    Plug-in cards

                    Sercans III, VPB

                    • Sercos master interface
                    • Safety CPU for SafeLogic applications

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