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Manual Production Systems


  • Ergonomic workstations for greater productivity

    ActiveAssist - the assistance system for multi-variant assembly tasks

    • A web-based configurator allows for the intuitive teaching in of assembly processes without programming effort

      Manual Production Systems (MPS)

      Grab Containers

      • Shorter grab distances make for faster assembly

        Swivel Work Chairs

        • Dynamic seating – ergonomic and functional

          Flow rack systems

          • Reduce your inventories with an efficient material supply system

            EcoShape Tubular Framing System

            • EcoShape – The tubular framing system for new dimensions

              EcoFlow Linking Elements

              • EcoFlow – Manual roller sections bring everything closer

                Material Shuttle/FiFo Station

                • Systematic kanban supply in production

                  Case Lifters

                  • Case lifters help to keep permanently sickness leave rates down

                    Interactive communication platform ActiveCockpit

                    • Processing and display of manufacturing data in real time


                      • Better employee information for increased transparency and quality

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