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Basic Functions

Public Area

  • All relevant data available digitally on site
  • Information from different file formats can be displayed (eg. As Excel, PowerPoint, video)
  • Available for all employees


  • Fast compilation of data and documents, for example for improving rounds
  • Individual user management, for example read, modify, delete
  • Information can be displayed and used across departments. Documents are updated by Desklink
  • Filtering and presentation of relevant information, without changing the original file


  • Operators can assign own names for each plant
  • Meeting documentation with freely selectable elements and customizable structure
  • Automatic report generation with all relevant information and annexes to the discussed topics

Note Pad, Whiteboard functionality

  • Note function for communicating with colleagues or for escalation in the round
  • Annotation function via touch screen to highlight, annotate directly to ActiveCockpit
  • Show and transmit relevant information. (In disorders e. g. a photo can be taken by tablet and forwarded directly to ActiveCockpit)

Q- and S-Widget

  • Register and manage quality and safety deviations
  • Displaying the current status with a large Q (for quality) or S (for safety)
  • Overview Quality or Safety Status per year
  • Values can be transmitted via Industry 4.0 interface back in ERP MES


Additional functions - Industy 4.0 interface

Industy 4.0 interface

  • networked in real-time with ERP and MES-backend-systems through standardized connection to your existing systems
  • Customer specific definition of relevant data and connection possibility for easy and safe access

Future-proof through apps

Bosch Rexroth offers numerous additional functions apps such as

  • Deviation Management

Registration and processing of deviations. These measures are definded in the ActiveCockpit and passed on the industry 4.0 interface MES and ERP

  • Table

presents your data clearly and intuitive to track processes optimally and detect deviations at an early stage

  • Personal deviation

for interactive creation of emloyee capacity schedules on the assembly lines

  • Process Quality Manager

Detect and avoid deviations in the production process as soon as possible


Fast integratation of apps, even third-party apps

Customer specific service

Bosch Rexroth offers its customers project specific services, such as the creation of a value stream designs.


Data Security

  • All data incl. E-mails are encrypted and transmitted via SSL
  • Application uses methods of "defensive programming", which checks all entries in advance
  • A defined role and authorization concept regulates the access to the system and prevent errors during data entry
  • All passwords are encrypted stored in the data base to prevent spying in the case of a compromised database. All user entries are checked for correctness and malicious code
  • Indirect database queries avoid possible attacks ("SQL injection")