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ActiveAssist Assistance System
Modular, connected, interactive


Digital assistant for multi-variant assembly tasks

The ActiveAssist assistance system is revolutionizing the manual workstation and moving the focus of Industry 4.0 towards people. At the heart of ActiveAssist is freely configurable software that supports employees with targeted information and help functions and intelligently guides them through the assembly process. This means that there is nothing standing in the way of multi-variant assembly tasks down to batch size 1. Intuitive to use and completely connected, the assistance system increases process reliability and quality.


Industries and customer applications

  • Production with:

〉High proportion of manual work processes

〉High variance

〉High degree of process reliability

  • Automotive industry
  • Electronics industry
  • ESD environments


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ActiveAssist is revolutionizing the manual workstation

ActiveAssist workstation

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Product information

  • Advantages at a glance


    • Modular design in both software and hardware and freely configurable, the appropriate scope is available for every application case.
    • Incorporation of sensors from various manufacturers possible.


    • ActiveAssist is a flexible and open system thanks to its web-based software and standardized interfaces.
    • Seamless connection of many systems and assembly stations is possible.


    • Many different assistance functions can be realized by connecting touchscreens, 3D cameras and projectors.
    • Virtual buttons directly above the workstation ensure optimal ergonomic operability of the software by the employee.
  • Key technical data
    • Web-based configurator
    • Data management: user management, order management
    • Communication with MES-/ERP systems via XML interface
    • Context-based provision of information
    • Hardware solutions: e.g. depth-sensing camera, projector, pick-to-light
  • Special components

    Special components

      ActiveAssist basic set
      • Forms the basis of ActiveAssist
      • Creation of individual workflows

      • Shows step-by-step work instructions on a touchscreen

      • Web-based configuration: intuitive integration of assembly processes, online and offline

      • Data management: user and order management
      ActiveAssist projection module
      • Expands the ActiveAssist basic set

      • Projects the work steps onto the assembly area

      • Marks grab containers or points of interest (e.g. screw positions) in the workspace

      • Increases efficiency through the provision of information in an ergonomic viewing field

      ActiveAssist hand-tracking module
      • Expands the ActiveAssist projection module

      • Reliably tracks employees' hand movements without a distracting sensor on the wrist

      • Improves process reliability by recognizing gripping movements
      Baton screwdriver control
      • Defines the precise torque for all functions of the baton screwdriver

      • Improves process reliability by releasing baton screwdrivers at the desired process step
      Product identification
      • Determines the product variant by reading RFID (HF/UHF) or barcodes (barcodes or Data Matrix codes)

      • Saves the production data (incl. work station and production step) in one production database

      • Always displays the right information: Product identification ensures the right workflow is uploaded in the software
      Incorporation of conventional pick-to-light systems
      • ActiveAssist can be expanded with classic pick-to-light components e.g. to connect side/end shelving or to detect large-scale material supply at the workstation

ActiveAssist - the digital assistant for multi-variant assembly tasks

ActiveAssist - the digital assistant for multi-variant assembly tasks Magnifier

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