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IndraDrive ML – Large Electric Drives up to 4 MW

  • IndraDrive ML
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    Efficient, universal and intelligent

    The IndraDrive ML extends the IndraDrive series into the upper power range. The drive can power individually up to 500 kW and connect in parallel up to 8 devices and up to 4 MW.


Electric drive technology for powers in the megawatt range

The IndraDrive ML extends the IndraDrive series into the upper power range: individually up to 500 kW, connected in parallel up to 8 devices and up to 4 MW. These space-saving, modular inverters are real all-rounders – they can be used as a mains power inverter or as a motor inverter. This minimizes the variants, simplifies handling and reduces your storage costs. And you save energy at the same time.

  • Features

    Efficient - Universal - Intelligent

    As the newest member of the IndraDrive family by Rexroth, IndraDrive ML offers flexible solutions with intelligent functions for powerful drives – all the way up to the megawatt-area. With these Large Electric Drives, Rexroth is helping machine manufacturers overcome the rising pressure of today's markets to reduce costs while increasing productivity, flexibility and efficiency.

  • Key technical data
    • Device settings from 110 kW to 500 kW up to 8 increments
    • System output of up to 4 MW by means of parallel connection
    • Supply voltage: 3 AC 380 ‒ 500 V, 525 - 690 V / 50 ‒ 60 Hz / TN, TT and IT network
    • Types of cooling: liquid cooling, air cooling
    • 1.5-fold overload for 60
  • Efficient
    • Optimal classifications for individual performance of 110 kW to 500 kW
    • Application-optimized energy-saving concepts
    • High coolant temperature for efficient heat recovery
    • High switching frequency for optimal motor utilization
    • Charging of electrical energy storage units up to 700 kJ
    • High power density through efficient cooling

  • Universal
    • From standard to high-end servo applications
    • For asynchronous and synchronous motors
    • Universal inverter as a motor inverter or power supply
    • Water and air cooling
    • Multi-Ethernet and multi-encoder interface
    • Comprehensive interface options
    • Wide voltage range from 380 V to 500 V and 525 V to 690 V
    • System power of up to 4 MW with parallel connection
    • For industrial applications as well as for marine applications
  • Intelligent
    • Integrated Motion-Logic Control for single axis and multi-axis solutions
    • Safety on Board from Safe Torque Off to Safe Motion
    • Productivity Agent for preventive maintenance
    • Comprehensive firmware functions
    • Application-specific technology functions