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ActiveCockpit - Interactive communication platform for the manufacturing industry

ActiveCockpit - Interactive communication platform for the manufacturing industry


Processing and visualization of production data in real time

Efficient production processes require continuous improvements. It is essential for error prevention and improvements to provide quick access to consistent data. This allows rapid reaction with minimal effort - on the production line at the company.


With ActiveCockpit for production you have all the relevant data directly on the line

As an interactive communication platform ActiveCockpit processed and visualized production data in real time. ActiveCockpit networked IT applications such as production planning, quality data management and e-mailing with the software functionality of machines and plants. The information is the basis for decisions and process improvements.


Please contact our local expert in the Netherlands

Roel Boessen
Branche Manager Factory Automation

Tel: +31(6)10337496


LinkedIn: Roel Boessen


Advantages resulting from special product features

  • All relevant information available to everyone in real time directly on the production line
  • Intelligent networking saves information processing time
  • More efficient improvement processes through clear analysis and conclusive task definition with ActiveCockpit

Industry 4.0

  • Real-time collection, processing and visualization of all relevant data of a manufacturing facility for the exchange of information between people, machines and production process on the shop floor
  • Interactive software for the diagnosis and optimization of machines and processes, and disorder management
  • Browser-based Internet standards and openness to third-party applications
  • Easy connection to back-end systems (MES / ERP)