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Project information sheet: Veltins Arena

The tribunes inside Veltins Arena

The requirements placed on Rexroth:

Rexroth adopted the system competence and the project responsibility for the tribune supporting and driving system: Parts of the south stand of the VELTINS-Arena are mobile. Designed as bridge with a span of 85 meters, the south stand allows for the movement of the field. Moreover, one part of this stand construction itself can be moved. The backward movement of this part of the stand is reasonable as with events, a concert stage is to be set-up in the area of the South curve. In this way, the Arena offers place for 61,000 viewers in football games and more than 72,000 in major events.

The technical principle and concept by Rexroth:

The concept consisted of a electrohydraulic tribune supports and elektrome-chanical tribune driving system. The South curve lower level is a steel con-struction the upper third of which is divided into three segments. After they have been unlocked by means of 6 electromechanical actuating systems, they can be folded downwards by means of six (3x2) hydraulic cylinders, synchronously controlled, so that regarding the height, the lower level fits under the upper level. In this folded condition, the lower level can be moved backwards by 16 meters by means of two gear motors, synchronously controlled, via pinion and toothed rack. In the parking position below the upper level, the lower level is horizontally locked in the direction of motion by two hydraulic cylinders.

If the lower level has been moved into the stadium, it can be used for normal stand operation. For this purpose, the lower level is, in the initial position, horizontally locked in the direction of motion by two hydraulic cylinders, the upper three segments of the steel construction are folded up by means of six hydraulic cylinders, synchronously controlled, and locked with the upper level by means of six electromechanical actuating systems.

Finally, four hydraulic supports are hydraulically extended under the lower level and six hydraulic supports with rope pull systems under the upper level and the entire stand construction is exactly pre-loaded to the necessary level in a hydraulic way and safely locked in a hydromechanical way. The supports serve the load bearing of the live load of the bridge-like steel constructions caused by the audience and are therefore part of the building static.

The control concept by Rexroth:

The locking positions are detected by means of initiators in a path-dependent form. The folding cylinders are moved within one segment by means of a synchronous run control. The gear motors are operated in synchronous run. The hydraulic supports are retracted or extended individually and loaded or discharged jointly.

All drives that have been distributed and assembled in the entire building are controlled and monitored by means of several operating panels communicat-ing via field bus.

The services rendered by Rexroth:

  • 6 cylinders with integrated locks for upper level supports
  • 4 cylinders with integrated locks for lower level supports
  • 4 cylinders for retracting/extending the lower level supports
  • 2 cylinders for the horizontal locking of the lower level in the parking positions
  • 6 cylinders for folding up the upper segments of the lower level
  • 1 power unit for lower level drives
  • 1 power unit for upper level drives
  • Electrical control for the hydraulic system
  • Activation and control of the electric motors
  • Automation system
  • User interface
  • Hydraulic piping
  • Electric cabling
  • Commissioning, electric and hydraulic