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Products and solutions

Large hydraulic cylinder production: Guri Dam, Venezuela

You are seeking safety and cost effectiveness? Components and system solutions optimized for use in civil engineering have been proving their worth for decadees on all continents in every imaginable application.


All civil engineering projects have one thing in common: They require extremely robust, powerful, and low-maintenance automation solutions.

Rexroth offers you a globally unique product portfolio for this. We clarify all interfaces, and in our system solutions we match components perfectly to each other.

Through continuous enhancements based on the world’s largest number of installed large cylinders in civil engineering and offshore applications, Rexroth has developed the Enduroq industrial surface technology. It covers a wide spectrum of coating processes and materials combinations that give ultimate corrosion resistance in every environment – for hydraulic and electromechanically powered cylinders.

The five most important factors influencing the piston rods of large cylinders as well as the application areas for surface technologies in the context of the piston rod material:

  • Temperature
  • Mechanical load
  • (Salt) Water
  • Chemicals
  • Abrasive materials
Piston rod Surface technologies Ambient conditions
    Non or low corrosive, indoor, protected area Moderate corrosive, outdoor, protected area High corrosive, outdoor, unprotected area Very high to extreme corrosive, outdoor, unprotected area in saltwater environment
Carbon steel Chromium X      
Carbon steel Nickel/Chromium X X    
Stainless steel Chromium X X X  
Carbon steel Enduroq 2000 X X X  
Carbon steel Enduroq 2200 X X X X