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Hydraulic Actuator – Safe, Proven, and Recognized

Hydraulic Actuator

Gas or steam valves that are actuated by hydraulic actuators for example, are installed in turbines to regulate and control process procedures. A steam turbine, unlike a gas turbine, can use the valves to control the entire thermal energy of the turbine; in a gas turbine, only the quantity of fuel supplied is regulated as it is reflected by the dimensions of these actuators. The hydraulic actuators are offered in different versions for turbine power ranges of 25 to 1,600 MW for steam turbines and 25 to 375 MW for gas turbines, depending on the customer's needs.

A Recognized System Solution

The hydraulic actuator is modular by design and can be combined with other units in versatile fashion. Actuators can thus be offered in line with customer specifications by choosing and configuring from a selection of hydraulic cylinders, spring assembles, measuring systems, and hydraulic valves. All required control functions can be implemented in the cylinder housing, which also acts as a valve control block.

Superimposed Fast-Acting Safety Function

The fast-acting safety function of the actuator is mechanically safeguarded by the spring assembly.

Proven Components Used

All hydraulic valves incorporate seat valve technology except continuous directional valves.

This measure not only provides high reliability of the shut-down function of the plant, but also drastically reduces the leakage oil flow of the overall system.

Key Technical Features

  • Electrical and hydraulic interface for signal and power transmission
  • Positioning via regulated linear actuator
  • Restriction of the maximum closing speed during fast closing
  • Integrated cushioning
  • SIL 3-capable design