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Hydraulic Turning Gear Consisting of Hydraulic Motor and Control Block

Hydraulic Turning Gear

To realize the hydraulic turning gear, Rexroth offers the necessary system components (hydraulic motor, control block and in case of need engagement cylinder) that meet the requirements of turbine manufacturers. The design of the hydraulic turning gear can also be modified, depending on the capacity of the turbine.

Costumers who specify the hydraulic motor can choose from proven motor series that operate based on the axial or radial piston principle.

The engagement cylinder is necessary, if a gear box is installed between turbine rotor and hydraulic motor to displace the gear box on and off. The engagement cylinder should have a mill-type design to meet the robust requirements of heavy machine construction.

The control block incorporates the control functions for the hydraulic motor and the engagement cylinder. The valve selection in type and size is primary coordinated in line with the functional spectrum of the hydraulic motor.