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Electromechanical Actuator with Hydrostatic Gear – Independent, Compact, and Preconfigured

Electromechanical actuator

The new electromechanical actuator with hydrostatic gear and spring-assisted emergency fast-acting function is fitted in a compact housing and operates independently with no additional oil-supply unit and piping necessary. Very easy to handle, the actuator considerably reduces commissioning and maintenance costs.

The Safe Plug-and-Play Solution

The compact electromechanical actuator then is an alternative for all customers who want to avoid the costly installation of a hydraulic actuator including a hydraulic power unit, control block, piping, control and amplifier cards and who want to avoid a large quantity of hydraulic fluid.

Pre-Configuration Simplifies Commissioning

The electromechanical actuator is a pre-configured system consisting of proven components with only electrical and mechanical interfaces on the outside. Parameterization is therefore easy and control straightforward to minimize commissioning outlay. The lack of sensitivity concerning vibrations and high performance makes the drive an ideal one for applications in power plants where large forces and strokes are offered on the one hand, with minimal maintenance, a long useful life, and maximum safety (SIL3-capability) on the other.


Advantages of Electromechanical Actuators

  • Independent solution without installation of a hyraulic system
  • Fast-acting safety and control functions are functionally separated
    IEC 61508 IEC 61511 (Link to Wikipedia)
  • Compact design enables space-saving configuration
  • Pre-configured system for easy parameterization and minimal commissioning outlay
  • Proven components that offer optimal performance
  • Robust and safe: Minimal maintenance effort and long lifetime

Key Technical Features

  • Electrical interface for signal and power transmission
  • Positioning via regulated synchronous motor and hydrostatic gear
  • Superimposed emergency tripping via spring-assisted closing function
  • Restriction of the maximum closing speed during fast closing
  • Integrated cushioning
  • SIL 3-capable design