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Custom-Tailored and adequate Oil Supplies for Hydraulic Energy as well as cooling and lubrication circuits

Oil Supply for Hydraulic Energy

A turbine plant contains two hydraulic worlds: Cooling and lubrication circuits are characterized by low system pressures and large supply flows, while hydraulic oil supply systems are used to transfer hydraulic energy and operate under medium to high pressures with small supply flows. Rexroth has proved to be a competent partner in designing both systems and offers separate supply units as well as both systems connected to a single reservoir.

The redundant design of the pumps and filters ensures that the turbine can continue operating, even when filter maintenance is performed or faults arise. The sensor technology employed for pressures, temperatures, filter contamination, and the fill level in the oil reservoir assures a permanent overview of the state of the system.

Hydraulic energy for High Pressure Circuits

Rexroth offers a wide variety of custom-tailored solutions that contain proven components integrated in gas and steam valve actuators, turning gears and other systems. They are supplied with hydraulic energy for high pressure circuits.

Cooling and lubrication circuits

The hydrodynamic turbine shaft bearings and the transmission positioned between the turbine and generator require proper cooling as well as lubrication circuits. The lifting oil supply system is an exception because it is closer in design to hydraulic oil supply systems with respect to operating system pressure. It still requires sufficient lubricating oil, however.

The distinctive parameters of the cooling and lubricating oil supply system are the flow, temperature, and degree of contamination and aging of the turbine oil, all of which significantly affect the lifetime of the turbine.