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CNC system solution for bending machines


The market demands ever faster, more flexible and powerful bending machines that can deal with the narrowest radii and the most complex geometrical forms. No matter whether you want to bend pipes, wire, profile or brass in a highly accurate manner, IndraMotion MTX by Rexroth's Automation House is the ideal system solution for your application.

Why IndraMotion MTX?

  • scalable performance and function
  • open system architecture
  • efficient hardware
  • flexible software modules
  • consistent engineering framework
  • easy to use and simple programming
  • ethernet-based networking

Our scalable drive and control philosophy with standardized interfaces enables flexibility and dynamics which means higher productivity at:

  • pipe-bending
  • wire-bending
  • profile-bending
  • brass-bending
  • wire-drawing
  • spring-winding