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Wire-drawing machines


With wire-drawing a rough wire produced by rolling is drawn cold through the tapered opening of a wire-drawing die. It becomes elongated and thinner without any loss of material. From production process to production process it is drawn through ever-diminishing openings, until it eventually attains the desired dimensions – usually round. In industrial production the wire is drawn through the die of a so-called capstan (drum).


Requirements of components/ systems:

  • Preventing slip of the wire and capstan
  • Synchronization of all capstan drums
  • Display of important production data, including draw speed, die wear, flushing status

Rexroth solutions:

High-dynamic MSK/MAD motors attain greater productivity due to their higher draw speed and greater machine availability

User-friendly visualization via touch screen or virtual keyboards thanks to modern PC technology IndraControl VSP/VEP /VPP

Command value processing and diagnostic messages in real time via SERCOS bus system

High-precision Profiled rail systems specially designed for heavy loads

Ball rail systems and ball screw assemblies for the positioning device

Pneumatic components are to be found in the Pneumatics Catalog