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Extrusion presses

Extrusion presses

Extrusion molding is a pressure forming process used in the manufacture of rods, pipes, wires as well as profiles, above all of aluminum, but can also be copper, copper alloys, steel and other metals and alloys. With this process a billet is pressed through a die, which determines the external shape of the press train. The internal shape can be influenced by differently formed mandrels. With its unique power-density, the fact that no maintenance is required and high availability, hydraulics is ideally suited to the drive of the main axis of an extrusion press.


Requirements of components/ systems:

  • Systems with a nominal force of up to 140 MN require high flow rates and pressures
  • Energy efficiency
  • Control axes for even quality of the extrusion press profiles
  • Easy handling of the components
  • High energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance requirements

Rexroth solutions

Control valves (usually 2WRCE / 3WRCE , 2WRV , 4WRL and 4WRTE )

Axial piston pumps (usually A4VSO and A10VSO ) with VT-VPCD-1X digital closed loop control electronics and VT 5035 electric amplifier

Open and closed loop control by means of the HNC100

Speed-variable pump drive with IndraDrive servo frequency converter and A10FZG axial piston pump

Profiled rail systems , specially designed for heavy loadsProfiled rail systems

Ball rail systems with integrated measuring system and ball screw assemblies for the positioning device

Pneumatic components are to be found in the Pneumatics Catalog


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