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Forging presses

Forging press

With open-die forging the workpiece attains its shape by changing the cross-section. The required shape is produced by multiple forging strokes, whilst simultaneously alternating between rotational and feed motion. The forging process is undertaken hot (retaining material strength), semi-cold or cold (increasing material strength). It requires extremely high forces (up to 1000 MN) and speeds (up to 120 strokes/min).


Requirements of components/ systems:

  • Temperature resistance
  • Shock resistance
  • Insensitivity to dirt
  • High accuracy of forging dimensions
  • High flow rates and high pressures
  • Energy efficiency


Movie (German):


Rexroth solutions for forging presses:

Experience/ competence in the project design of “XXL Hydraulics”

Customer-specific power units and control blocks

Efficient, powerful hydraulic drives (e.g. A4VSO variable displacement pump)

Special high pressure pumps for pressures of up to 450 bar (e.g. A4VBO variable displacement pump)

For high flow rates: Valves of large nominal size (e.g. 2-way insert valves with directional function LC/LFA nominal size 160)

For optimum control: Soft and fast-operating control valves (e.g. WRCE.../S )

For high pressures: Valves with a pressure range of up to 1000 bar (special model)

Control software (VT-MAC8 ) matched to the specific requirements

Visualization of production process

Profiled rail systems , specially designed for heavy loads

Ball rail systems with integrated measuring system and ball screw assemblies for the positioning device

Pneumatic components are to be found in the Pneumatics Catalog