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Hydroforming presses

Hydroforming presses

Hydroforming opens up the possibility of manufacturing components that are lighter and smaller than comparable pressed parts, in addition offering better utilization of material as well as greater stability. This process is based on an active fluid medium (usually HFA), which forms the material under high pressure (pressure intensifiers of up to 4000 bar).


Requirements of components/systems:

  • HFA application
  • There is high pressure in the vicinity of the active fluid medium

Rexroth solutions

Pressure intensifiers up to 4000 bar

Compact axial cylinders (medium feed) with integrated position measuring system

Check valves up to 4200 bar

Control valves (usually WRSE and WRTE )

Variable displacement pumps (usually A4VSO and A10VSO )

MAC8 open and closed loop control

High-precision Profiled rail systems for the slide guide

Ball rail systems with integrated measuring system and ball screw assemblies for the positioning device

High-precision heavy-load guides for moving tool parts

Transfer systems for workpiece transport

Handling units for workpiece feed and/or removal

Pneumatic components are to be found in the Pneumatics Catalog