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Tire presses

Tire press

In the hot press the tire blanks are pressed under high pressure into their final shape and their profile is impressed. During this process the tires are also vulcanized at temperatures of above 150° Celsius.


Requirements of components/systems:

  • Only holding force required - usually relatively low
  • Low noise emission
  • No major requirements with respect to accuracy, as this is meant to be a simple, cost-effective and series-compatible solution (modular)
  • Minimal downtimes, as no cooling is required
  • Cylinders to ISO Standards

Rexroth solutions:

ABFAG whispering power unit

Control via relay valves and series plates

Control valves (usually 4WRZE or 4WRKE )

Construction of modular control systems via IH20

Rexroth standard closed profile and tie rod cylinders

A10VSO axial piston variable displacement pump

Profiled rail systems for the closing motion and handling

Mechanical drives (ball screw assemblies) for auxiliary axes

Transfer systems for transport of tires

Handling units for feeding and removal of tires

Pneumatic components are to be found in the Pneumatics Catalog