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Transfer and multiple-die presses

Transfer and multiple-die presses

Mechanical transfer and multiple-die presses consisting of belt conveyor systems or metal blank loaders, presses with tool and transfer, are designed as single or multi-guide systems in accordance with requirements. Articulated lever drives or eccentric drives are used for the drive system.


Requirements of components/ systems:

  • Hydraulics for the control of assemblies such as e.g. clutch/brake and die cushion
  • As a rule closed-loop controlled axes for attaining the required precision and speed
  • Simple standard power units for tensioning and clamping functions
  • High dynamic and precision servo motors for press transfer
  • Pneumatic components for secure parts transport
  • Central press main drive via longitudinal shaft for all slides
  • Short tool-changing times thanks to swift adaptation of the motion functions to the current piece being produced
  • Selectable motion sequences go easy on the mechanics – high-dynamic or gentle motion depending on the part and the tool being used

Rexroth solutions:

Press main drives in scalable power stages up to 630 kW

Optimization of transfer motions of each modular transfer module thanks to freely-programmable motion curves

Efficient production at higher speeds thanks to the system solution using motion control and servo drives

Modular die cushion: co-ordinated and high-precision system for secure handling of the deep-drawing process (MAC8 for the control, WRC valves)

Solutions for secure control of the clutch-brake combination

Hydraulic overload protection (S-Module)

Standard power units

Hydraulic die cushions

Pneumatic slide cushion

High-precision Profiled rail systems for the slide guide

Ball rail systems and ball screw assemblies for the positioning device

Pneumatic components are to be found in the Pneumatics Catalog


Requirements of components/ systems: