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Blanking lines

Blanking lines

Blanking lines feed subsequent stations with straightened metal belts. This is effected by winding a coil (sheet metal belt on a roller). The metal sheet is straightened in the straightening machine and freed of material stress. The belt is moved by means of a roller feed under the following processing station e.g. a press or cutter with a specified number of cycles and length.


Requirements of components/ systems:

  • A wide range of requirements with respect to cycle time, speed, length and straightening/adjusting frequently requires high-dynamic servo drives
  • Exact synchronization with the press/cutter
  • Clean and swift handling of measuring wheel
  • Smooth switching between motor and measuring wheel sensors in the event of a "roller discharge"

Rexroth solutions:

Scalable automation solution for feeder systems and conveyor systems: IndraMotion for Metal Forming

  • Drive-based IndraMotion MLD-M control system
  • Controller-based IndraMotion MLC multi-axis control
  • High-dynamic IndraDrive servo drives

Linear guides for sheet decoilers

Precision guides for heavy loads for straightening rollers

Mechanical drives (ball screw assemblies) for straightening rollers

Pneumatic components are to be found in our Pneumatics Catalog