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Crossbar transfer

Crossbar transfer

In addition to the conventional mechanization solutions with feeders and robots, solutions with crossbar technology are being increasingly used. Unlike vacuum transfer, which has to be designed for the most awkwardly-shaped part, the motion curves with modular systems are freely programmable. The sheet is transported from one forming stage to the next with no need for an intermediate deposit station.


Requirements of components/ systems:

  • Precision positioning and control of the axes
  • Modular and decentralized control intelligence
  • Inter-axial vibration damping
  • Exact electronic synchronization of the transfer to the press and every individual inter-modular transfer for all press stroke lengths
  • Integrated safety functions such as redundant motor transmitter to press transmitter
  • Anti-collision strategy

Rexroth solutions:

Controller-based IndraMotion MLC multi-axis control

High-dynamic IndraDrive servo drives

IndraDrive drives permit intermediate circuit coupling to the main drive as well as synchronous operation of the transfer, even in the event of power failure

Certified safety technology in the drive to EN954-1 and/or ISO13849-1 as relevant increases availability of the system

Press visualization with economic HMI solutions with PC- or embedded PC terminals IndraControl VEP /VSP/VPP

High-precision Profiled rail systems specially designed for heavy loads

Ball rail systems and ball screw assemblies for the positioning device

Pneumatic components are to be found in the Pneumatics Catalog