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Higher energy efficiency: good for your operating costs and our climate

More and more machine manufacturers and end-users are turning to more energy-efficient concepts to make a contribution towards climate protection and to reduce the costs of production. The complex nexus between various components and modules in plastic machinery requires focusing on the entire system.

According to the market, higher energy efficiency at maximal productivity is what is most demanded. The universal systematics Rexroth for Energy Efficiency (4EE) helps machine manufacturers to exploit the potentials of all their drive and controlling technologies.

Reduce the energy consumption of your drive technology by up to 80% with Sytronix, the variable speed pump drives by Rexroth. Choose from a unique and broad spectrum of motor-pump-combinations your ideal drive concept. We make economizing easy: in this context, the software of the drive controllers do consider the features of fluid technology and branch-specific requirements of plastic machinery. In addition, Sytronix solutions do considerably reduce the average noise emission.

In working together with you, we develop tailored concepts for energy reclamation of braking energy or cut peak demands. This reduces operating costs and ensures maximum productivity. Higher energy efficiency reduces electricity requirement and thus doubles the effect: by sharing responsibilities, we mutually contribute to climate protection and reduce the operating costs for end-users.

What does our energy simulation support you with? First of all, we are already regarding design and concept. Secondly, we determine the saving potentials.