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These are your constant challenges: optimizing dynamics and repeatability as well as control quality and movement profile. By offering expertise and simulation technology, Rexroth helps you to get results more quickly.

Standard simulation tools aiming at the whole engineering are not always the best advice in plastic machinery. Its requirements and movement tasks are simply too specific. Right here, Rexroth offers a unique support. The foundation for Rexroth’s simulation environment consists of expertise gathered from hundreds of thousands of applications, also apart from plastic machinery. Additionally it depicts the profound physical understanding for all of Rexroth’s drive technologies.

This is how Rexroth accompanies machine manufacturers in the interpretation of new concepts and optimization of already-existing machines. The simulation illustrates a realistic image of the actual movements, currents and loads within your machine. This helps you to identify the spots where optimization is possible.

As an industry specialist, we possess global experience which slips right into new projects. Your requirements are continuously integrated in our research and development. Therefore we know that you are searching for solutions that match your individual requirements in a global consistent Rexroth quality. Our industry experts and developments engineers find the right solutions – along with you.

Rexroth with its dense sales and service network operates in more than 80 countries. For you, we considerably invest more money than the sector’s average with regard to research and development. Our engineers working in development centers in Europe, America and Asia capture the regional requirements and find tailored solutions.