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Einfacher, flexibler, produktiver: Von der Mechanik zur Software

Machine manufactures are pressed for time. They have to get new concepts as quickly as possible to the market. Hence, they demand more efficient engineering, more consistent communication and more common diagnosis for all their drive technology. Thanks to the electrification of hydraulics, Rexroth provides the foundation for its realization.


More simple, flexible and productive than ever before; ranging from mechanics to software

Due to the intense collaboration with plastic machinery manufactures from all over the world, findings concerning product requirements are systemically integrated into the process of Rexroth’s solution development. One prominent outcome: the electrification of hydraulics. This approach preserves the positive aspects of fluid technology with its high force density and ruggedness and combines them with the comfort of digital cybernetics as well as the energy-saving potential of variable-speed drives.

This paves the way for transferring our application expertise right to the software. Your benefit: Controllers regard the distinctive features of fluid technology. Instead of programming, it will be sufficient to parameterize.

One prominent feature: No matter if controls, electric drives or hydraulics , Rexroth solutions let you use a general engineering environment with consistent software tools. A fact which simplifies the implementation process and which reduces valuable costs.

Simultaneously, electrified hydraulics exploits the whole range of modern diagnosis and intervention measures – even via remote access. Furthermore, the control let you access all the relevant data of the actuators. This circumstance speeds up troubleshooting, allows remote diagnosis as well as condition monitoring and reduces maintenance costs.