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Electric injection molding machines


Fully electric injection molding machines benefit from the enormous increase in the power of decentralized electric drive technology. Movements synchronized in real time boost the dynamics of the entire injection molding machine and shorten cycle times. At the same time, precision enhances the high-quality mold protection, guaranteeing lasting reproducibility.

The finely scaleable IndraDrive platform covers the power range from 0,25 to 630 kW (near future up to 4000 kW) and includes both drives (servo, torque and linear motors) and innovative, integrated motorregulator combinations and watercooled drive regulators for the upper power range. The ultra fast position controls of our system solution offer a high degree of performance.


The control loop update time for current is a low 62.5 μs, 125 μs for speed control and 250 μs for position. These loops decentrally control the changeover point detection and the injection pressure with their own motion logic, regardless of the higher-level control system cycle time. This guarantees a high degree of repetitive precision in the complete injection molding process.

By incorporating safety functions complying with European and American standards within the drive systems, Rexroth defines the state of the art.

In the event of an error, the system responds within the space of 2 ms to protect both man and machine from damage. In addition, energy recovery supply modules further reduce the already low energy requirements, lowering the total cost of ownership. With his 4EE system approach Rexroth is a leader in energy efficiency.

A further contribution to this is the option of connecting the drive for the entire handling directly to the modular controllers, incorporating them seamlessly into the process through real-time cross-communications.