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Hybrid injection molding machines


Hydraulic core, electric clamping, hydraulic injection and electric ejector: The possible combinations for hybrid injection molding machines open up new degrees of design flexibility. Rexroth, the manufacturer of all drive and control technology, creates the ideal conditions for this: A control system optimized for the specific characteristics of both drive technologies and a wide range of scaleable hydraulic and electric actuators.

IndraMotion logic control for hydraulic drives supports all conceivable concepts for centralized and decentralized architecture for mixed operation. Here, it guarantees consistent real-time communications with all electric and hydraulic drive systems, even in decentralized concepts. Intelligent motion controls regulate their motion profiles with maximum dynamics and precision, regardless of the technology concerned. Rexroth thus creates the basis for a new dimension in modularization of machine concepts.

To always use only as much energy as currently required by the process. In contrast to unregulated pump drives, the Sytronix variable-speed pump drive functions strictly need-oriented. Integrated automation, higher dynamics, and a high degree of accuracy: Servo variable pump drives combine the ability for highest performance with clearly lower energy consumption and noise emissions in plastics machinery. Sytronix DFEn 5000 builds on the proven DFE control system, and reduces the losses caused by pressure locking during break times and with partial-load operations.


Through an acceleration of axes twice as fast (compared to variable pumps), Sytronix SvP 7000 increases the dynamics of plastics machines, and thus shortens the cycle times for higher productivity.

The digital pressure control provides a higher repeat accuracy and a stable zero point. Pressure dependent leakage losses are compensated. Within the pressure control, very short pressure change periods are possible, depending on the available oil volume. The high dynamics range and the ingenious control concept enable very precise controls. The precise control minimizes overshoots and undershoots. In addition, a special function avoids cavitations when starting to lower the pressure.


The manufacturer is able to freely combine the drive technologies for all movements needed by a model series on a single automation platform according to the customer’s wishes. Here, the SPS complying with IEC 61131 used on all drive and control systems, and uniform engineering tools ensure minimum adaptation expense.

Open Core Engineering brings together the previously separate worlds of the PLC and IT automation as broad portfolio of software tools, function toolkits, open standards and Open Core Interface. According to the importance of a continuous engineering workflow Open Core Engineering addresses the complete development cycle of a machine – design, implementation and production. In the center of Open Core Engineering is the "core", symbolizing all software features of our automation portfolio. For an efficient usage in different applications, Open Core Engineering provides software tools and technology-oriented function toolkits based on open standards. Bridging to IT automation, the new Open Core Interface provides new degrees of freedom in machine automation.

It is precisely in the project planning of hew hybrid concepts that Rexroth offers more than just automation solutions from a single source. The specialists at the Application Center for Plastics Machines have intensive worldwide experience in combining different drive technologies in one machine, with one control system. As a development partner, Rexroth uses this know-how to support manufacturers of injection molding machines with tailor-made and reliable automation solutions from a single source.