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Hydraulic injection molding machines


The high power density of hydraulics and the direct generation of linear motion, plus the ability to maintain high forces precisely and effortlessly make hydraulics predestined for use in injection molding machines. Their compact design and high degree of freedom from wear make it certain that hydraulics will continue to enjoy a permanent place as an economical drive technology, not only in highperformance machines.

The high degree of modularity of hydraulics on a component level make tailor-made drive concepts possible, in which the machine manufacturer is able to finely scale both power and function.In conjunction with digitally controlled axial movements, they achieve new dimensions in both the dynamics and precision of movement.


The IndraMotion Logic Control for Hydraulic Drive systems take into account the specific characteristics of fluid technology and communicate with the higher-order control system through all common field bus systems. In this way, electrohydraulics considerably simplify commissioning, parameterization and diagnostics, even on complex control systems.

Rexroth uses modern Sytronix variable-speed pump drive to drastically reduce energy consumption across the entire performance spectrum, while lowering noise emissions from the hydraulics down to a new level. Decades of experience have shown that hydraulics installed in millions of machines set the standards for longevity and work largely free from wear.