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Blade Monitoring System BLADEcontrol


BLADEcontrol continuously monitors the condition of rotor blades to detect early signs of damage to the blades and prevent greater problems. Blade lifetime is thereby extended significantly.

The BLADEcontrol Ice Detector detects a preset degree of ice accumulation on the rotor blades - and most importantly, when the danger has passed. The advantage: It is thus possible to automatically restart the wind turbine at any time, day or night.


Both BLADEcontrol and BLADEcontrol Ice Detector meet the requirements of Germanischer Lloyd "Guidelines for the certification of condition monitoring systems for wind turbines".

GL certificate BLADEcontrol

GL certificate BLADEcontrol Ice Detector

BLADEcontrol and BLADEcontrol Ice Detector are products of Bosch Rexroth Monitoring Systems GmbH. The company is I SO 9001-certified .