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Linear Active Heave Compensator


A motion reference unit (MRU) determines the heave motion of the vessel at the location where the wire leaves the vessel, being the motion to be compensated. The MRU signal is interpreted by the control system which then operates the cylinder in such way, that it pays out the wire when the vessel lifts up, and hauls the wire when the vessels lowers, reducing the loads motion with more than 90%.

The linear active heave compensator consist of four main modules for easy and flexible installation on board:


Advantages LAHCS

  • Significant reduced power consumption in compare with alternative AHC controlled winches.
  • Residual motion at depth 10 %
  • High level of accuracy
  • Easy integration in any existing winch system.
  • Containerized option enables multiple use within a fleet of similar vessels.
  • The principle of LAHCS is based on a closed force loop, and therefore requires relatively simple mechanical interface to the vessel structure.
  • Modular approach allows build-in flexibility with respect to the actual vessel arrangement.