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Filter systems

320 PZR block assembly filter

Excellent service fluids at all times are an important condition for ensuring that large engines operate at full performance. This helps avoid expensive damage and machine downtime.

Rexroth's wide range of filters and purification systems for hydraulic oil applications ensure optimal operating conditions across the entire lifecycle.


From filter elements and complete filters to bypass filtration and drainage systems for fluids, the range of products contains precisely the right solution for just about every application. Innovative sensors and remote diagnostics provide the user with the means of monitoring quality, especially fluid purity, at any time.

Condition monitoring systems signal when critical conditions are reached, enabling preventive service measures to be taken without having to schedule additional downtimes. Reliability is increased and costs reduced as a result.

Rexroth range of filters

The filter and purification systems can only do their job to optimum effect if they are precisely tailored to the specific medium and application. Trying to save costs can easily result in considerable potential for damage. Contaminated fluid reduces the performance and precision of the hydraulic system. In many cases it leads to early wear of system components and to unscheduled downtime.

For the initial commissioning of large engines in particular, Rexroth recommends that hydraulic fluid be supplied to the engine through a suitable filter system and that the purity of the oil be checked at regular service intervals. Even minor investments in Rexroth filter technology will significantly reduce overall operating costs for the operator.