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FIVA valve - the core component:
Designed for over 250,000,000 load cycles

FIVA valves pass the toughest load tests

The new generation of the Rexroth FIVA valve carries out the injection profiles specified by the control system with absolute precision.

This enables fuel consumption to be reduced and ultra-low emissions to be achieved - even in extreme conditions:


These servo valves are designed for more than 250 million cyclical changes of load, which means a service life of at least five years.

This results in significant reduction in

  • Maintenance intervals
  • Downtime
  • Unproductive idle times
  • and therefore containment of maintenance costs

Less wear, greater efficiency

Rexroth has been on board from the very beginning of the first variable valve timing for large engines (electronic camshaft) utilizing FIVA valves. Subsequent designs benefited from this experience, yielding significant improvement in the engine's power curve.

Rexroth uses cutting-edge testing methods and the latest calculation and simulation technology for product development.

Fuel Injection & Valve Activation

This includes vibration and deformation analysis, prototype testing and optimization, all which guarantee product quality of the highest standard. The critical factor for longer life is a significant reduction in internal friction of the main spool. For the Rexroth FIVA valve it is lower than usual - at it's peak by more than 95 percent! The reduction in wear creates the conditions for a significantly longer life cycle with minimal operating costs. During engine commissioning, the FIVA pilot valve is protected from contamination damage by a sandwich filter.

"Plug&Play" simplifies integration and replacement

Rexroth also sets the standard for servicing: The integrated electronics allow the valve to be replaced easily during a service call, without any adjustment. Moreover, the "fail-safe philosophy" prevents damage to the engine - in the event of a supply voltage failure, the valve main spool moves to a predefined safe end position.