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Cartridge and directional valves:
Optimum protection and lubrication
ensuring low consumption - always

Cartridge and directional valves

Rexroth valves are not just for fuel injection control and exhaust valve activation but for the precision metering of the lubricating oil as well.

In injection systems the pressurized lubricating oil is metered with pinpoint accuracy by directional poppet valves, reducing oil consumption considerably.

Operators of a ship in the 4,000 TEU class, for example, an count on a reduction of about 30% in lubricating oil consumption from 900 liters a day to less than 650 liters! Saving 250 liters of lubricating oil per day less also means lower emissions and a reduction in the TCO.


Large 2-stroke engines have engine oil (additive enriched) that is injected into special delivery chambers via the cylinder liner, at a rate dependent upon engine load. The piston rings ride on this film of lubricant. Manufacturers have developed a variety of similar lubrication systems.

They all inject the oil under pressure and ensure that it is evenly distributed along the cylinder liner. The time window for the injection process is 4 to 20 msec.

Logic valves

Cartridge (logic) valves are used for the interconnection of multiple pump circuits to form a common hydraulic circuit which includes pressure limitation for the entire system.