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Start-up units:
Always ready to go, certified
with marine type approvals

Start-up unit

Redundantly configured start-up units complement other Rexroth components for engine hydraulic systems. Reliable and optimally matched to the other components, these units fill the accumulators and provide the volume flow required to start and operate the engine during engine start-up.

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As the main pumps only come online once the engine is up and running. The sizes of the A10VSO axial piston pumps used here are not only efficient, but comply with all the regulations and certifications of maritime classification societies.


Optimized technology with quality that's proven

The nominal pressure is 280 bar, with a maximum permissible pressure of 350 bar. Further improvements have also been made to the suction port of the A10VSO: It improves suction performance and reduces susceptibility to cavitation. The improvement has also reduced pressure pulsation, which extends the useful life of the high-pressure pipes.

In addition to serving as a start-up unit, these assemblies also ensure that the large engine is supplied with sufficient hydraulic energy when required. For exemple: if the ship has to be safely brought into port at reduced speed.

Complete start-up unit assembly